Want to be part of our second photo book for The Love Your Sister Campaign?

If you would like to have your family photographed and published in the second edition called 'LOVE IS... All You Need', apply now and we will get in touch with you shortly


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Once your application is received, we will call you for a quick chat to discuss how you would like to appear in the 'LOVE IS...' coffee table book.

If your application is successful...'ll make your donation of $150 to Love Your Sister and that guarantees you a position in the 'LOVE IS...' Coffee Table Book with a complete photo shoot for you and your loved one.


What's included with your donation:

•  100% donated to Love Your Sister. •  Complete studio photo shoot. •  Including hair & makeup for two.•  Initial design session. •  Cinematic viewing.•  Your favorite photo published in the ‘LOVE IS…’ Coffee Table Book.

Get ready for FUN! Your photo shoot is an incredible experience beginning with:

Design Consultation

Hair & Makeup

Photo Shoot

Cinematic Viewing

Design Consultation - Your experience begins with a design consultation to custom design the perfect photo shoot for you and your family, secure your position in the book and create the text required for 'Love Is...'

Hair & Makeup - Our professional in-house makeup artists will work with you to create your perfect look while you sit back and relax with a coffee. You will feel pampered, spoilt and beautiful!

Photo Shoot - Your photo shoot will be fun, relaxed and completely guided by our experienced photographers bringing out all things we have designed together in your design session – you don’t need to know what you’re doing or how to pose. Our all female team will guide you into each pose, ensuring that your features are flaunted and those bits you don’t like are no where to be seen!

Cinematic Viewing - Directly after your photo shoot, you will see all your gorgeous images in the comfort of our Gold Class style viewing theatre. Firstly, we will look at choosing the perfect image from your shoot for your 'LOVE IS' page in the book. Once you have chosen your photo for the book your photographer will guide you through all the options available and design the perfect collection just for you. We don’t do pressure sales, so you can relax and be free to buy as much or as little as you like. You may also pre-purchase your own copy of the 'LOVE IS...' coffee table book.

Check out this video to see what a StudioDiva Experience is all about.

This coffee table book will feature photos of many families supporting the journey of Love Your Sister.    StudioDiva is a family business, with an all female team of mothers, sisters and daughters proudly photographing the women in this world with the people that they love.

Love Your Sister started as a breast cancer advocacy group, we are now a village that fights all cancers.

It all started with the most absurd dare you could imagine. Connie Johnson, young mum of two, was told that she was terminal with breast cancer and to arrange her affairs. Instead, she sent her brother, actor Samuel Johnson (best known as the guy who played ‘Molly’), to ride around the entire country on a unicycle to personally remind every young mum in the land to check their boobs. Love Your Sister was born.

Terms and Conditions:

StudioDiva Photography/STUDIOMAX Productions own copyright to all photographs taken and are protected under the Copyright Act 1968. All rights reserved. Should my application be successful I give StudioDiva Photography/STUDIOMAX Productions unrestricted permission to use any images from my photography session for promotional & advertising purposes. 

I understand: 

1. Entry into “LOVE IS” is via application. Upon approved application a registration fee of $150 per family is required and is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

2. StudioDiva Photography/STUDIOMAX Productions forwards the registration fee as a donation to The Love Your Sister Organisation. 

3. It is a condition of entry into “LOVE IS” that all copyright is owned by StudioDiva Photography/STUDIOMAX Productions 

4. Registration fee entitles me to one single page spread in StudioDiva Photography’s “LOVE IS” per family 

5. I understand image/s from my photo shoot will be published in “LOVE IS” 

6. Image selection to be published in “LOVE IS” is my choice and made during my purchasing appointment. 

7. All photography in “LOVE IS” is by StudioDiva Photography/STUDIOMAX Productions and photography from outside sources is not permitted. 

8. Registration fee does not included supply of any images. Images are available for purchase during the purchasing session. 

 9. “LOVE IS” is available to pre-purchase during the purchasing session for $198 

 10. Only one photography session can be allocated per family. 

 11. Only one purchasing session is allocated per photography session. Any additional purchasing session with incur a $150 fee 

12. All photography during my session is taken by a StudioDiva Photographer. No other photographs can be taken during photography session and purchasing session. This includes and is not limited to personal smartphones, iPhones and personal cameras. 

13. Copying of images in anyway is strictly prohibited. 

14. Final layout of “LOVE IS” will be done by the discretion of STUDIOMAX Productions. I forfeit any right to view or approve any printed matter, proofs or advertising.

Copyright © 2017, StudioDiva & Love Your Sister